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For a better tomorrow. Taking responsibility - together!

Shaping the future in a positive way is important to us. We take responsibility for our actions as a company - together with all our employees worldwide. 

To live up to our responsibility, we at Lidl have developed a global CSR strategy with concrete sustainability goals. What does this mean? We are already taking all steps today in a way that is good for the planet, good for people and good for you in the short and long term - in other words, for each individual, whether employee or customer. We call this: A better tomorrow.

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Our six sustainability focus topics

At Lidl, we are committed to six focus topics that are particularly important to us in the area of sustainability: We protect the climate, we respect biodiversity, we conserve resources, we act fairly, we promote health and we engage in dialog. Our goal is to make sustainable action for all employees visible, palpable and tangible.

What does that mean specifically for you ? Here you are accepted as you are, this is where you can stand up for what's important to you, and your health is paramount here.

Circle Good for the planet

Good for the planet 

Our environmental sustainability commitment focuses on protecting the climate, respecting biodiversity and conserving resources.

  • Protecting climate: We have set ambitious, science-based climate targets as part of the Schwarz Group to do our part to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.
  • Respecting biodiversity: Through the sourcing of certified raw materials, the design of our product range and targeted habitat projects, we are using our influence as a company to protect biodiversity and natural habitats.   
  • Conserving resources: We are committed to resource-conserving business practices. In particular, the responsible use of fresh water, raw materials, food and recyclable materials is a focus for us as a retailer. 
Circle Good for people

Good for people

We want to improve the living and working conditions of all people connected with our actions. For our focus topics of acting fairly, promoting health and engaging in dialog, this means:

  • Acting fairly: We want to make our contribution to a fair and respectful co-existence. Our actions should ensure greater social justice and animal welfare in our companies and supply chains.  
  • Promoting health: We support our customers and employees to live healthier lives. We want to be the discounter that offers its customers the best deal for a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. 
  • Engaging in dialog: We engage in transparent communication with partners, customers and employees to share our journey and find joint solutions. We empower our employees to act sustainably.

Good for you 

After all, sustainability is good for everyone - employees and customers alike. That's why we motivate all our employees to act sustainably. And we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to shop responsibly.

Want to know more? 

Here you can find more information about our Lidl sustainability commitment for a better tomorrow.