We are Lidl!

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Get to know us - Lidl as an employer

  • Around 376,000 employees worldwide
  • Over 30 countries
  • Around 12,200 stores
  • Over 20 languages

Without our employees we wouldn’t be where we are today. Meaning every day, our employees contribute to making Lidl's success possible. That's why we encourage our employees to take responsibility and promote their development. A good working atmosphere, respectful treatment and a motivating working environment are essential to us - whether in our stores, regional distribution centers or in our administration.
Together we are #teamlidl and work efficiently and dynamically for quality and success. As part of an international company, we offer many opportunities. Our managers encourage and challenge, and as a team we ambitiously implement solutions.

What can you expect from us?
We enable careers and provide personal and professional development trough training in many varied professions. Attractive working conditions and respectful cooperation are the basis for our success. We love to see our employees strive that’s why we promote their development and encourage them to engage in lifelong learning. As part of #teamlidl you can rely on fair treatment in a dynamic, high-performance company. We master new challenges together and have great confidence in all our colleagues. Every single employee contributes to the success of the company as our success is based on the tireless commitment of each and every one of our #teamlidl.

As a team we work together every day to make Lidl better.

Who's Lidl?

Store Person

We are a retailer...

… that operates in the Lidl Stiftung (Lidl International) our national had offices, our regional distribution centers and our stores. Together we aim to offer our customers the best products.
Schwarz Group

Lidl is a part of the Schwarz Group

With 575,000 employees, the Schwarz Group is among the top retail groups in the world that covers the entire value cycle, from production and retail to disposal and recycling.

Lidl is a global company

Lidl currently has stores in over 30 countries and is also represented in Asia with employees.

Our Organization

Our Organization-Stiftung

The Lidl Stiftung

The Lidl Stiftung is the international headquarter of Lidl. The coordination of the entire business and respective processes for all Lidl countries are part of its responsibility.
Organization- Nat Head Office

National Head Office

Most of our Lidl countries have an own national Head Office where diverse and country specific business processes are handled (e. g. local purchasing).
Organization - Reg Head office

Regional Distribution Center

Our Regional Distribution Centers make sure that regional, operational activities are coordinated and taken care of. Depending on the size each distribution center can supply up to 120 stores.
Organization - Store


Our over 12,200 stores are key to our business. Here we offer our customers products of their daily need. With our great value products, we aim to be the first choice for shopping.
Our Awards